Book a taxi for your party or festival

Booking a transfer for your party?

The transfer from and of the event is often a reason to not attend the event at all. You are not sure how traffic will be. You cannot know if there would be any traffic jams. With our taxi service, you don’t have to worry anymore about traffic or the weather conditions.

Tell us all the details in advance of your party. Tell us when you would like to go out, where we could pick you up and when you would like to go home again. Tell us how big your group is. We plan your taxi ride for this party. A wedding party in view? Or looking forward to the next festival summer? Taxi @ Office is your reliable partner on wheels.


For which types of events do we provide services?

This service is established for nightlife events. Some events that fall under this service, are:

  • Wedding parties
  • Family gahtering
  • Office parties
  • Festivals, such as Graspop Metal Meeting,
  • Big parties in the near neighborhood ,
  • Nightclubs

When you are going to an event, it is important that you can rely upon your booked taxi. Within Taxi @ Office, reliability is one of our three key values. We are present at the agreed time and place and bring you safe home afterwards as well. Planning an evening away with your friends or family? Book our taxi service to bring you and your company safely from point a to point b. Please note that you should book our minivans a few weeks on advance. Keep that in mind while booking your ride.

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